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Alice. 22. Tattooed. Pierced. Boring.

Animation and animanga, Body modification, cooking, gardening / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Highschool of the Dead, Paradise Kiss, Toukyou Akazukin / Adventure Time, Chowder, Fan Boy and Chum Chum, Good Eats, The Misadventures of Flapjack, Skins, Supernatural, Weeds / John Saul, Stephen King, Poppy Z. Brite, Chuck Palahniuk

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× Girl:

This is the section where I ramble! And yarrr, this is going to be one big block of unformatted text. Deal with it. I'm Alice. Yes, like Alice In Wonderland. Although no one ever believes me, I'm twenty years old. Yeah, seriously twenty, not fifteen. I live with my parents, youunger brother, four dogs, five cats, and a pond full of fish in what some people consider the Northern Mountains and what others consider the Foothills of North Carolina. I am currently not employed, nor am I enrolled in school. I don't have a drivers license either. I am currently seeking employment in anything other than fast food and hope to go back to school to get my associates degree. I also have my drivers permit and hope to try for my license soon. I was homeschooled from the second semester of my tenth grade year until I graduated. I graduated early with most of my exam scores being on college level (I sux0rz at math, ughh). I have allergies to heat/sun, milk products, and penicillin. I have my ears pierced twice each and my lower lip pierced. I am getting my first tattoo (of many) soon. Some of my interests are, but not limited to: LiveJournal S2 layouts, general CSS, the color orange, animal medicine, psychology, music, pornography (altporn mostly but not limited to), animation/comics (and animanga), MMORPGs, shows, horror movies/books, zombies, The Sims 2, gore, making long lists, sexual relations, stuffing my face, House MD, Nip/Tuck, CSI:, Family Guy, The Colbert Report, Good Eats, Feasting On Asphalt, Survivor Man, Dexter, Batman, Harley Quinn, plus whatever else lights me up or makes me giggle. I have a horrible fear of spiders. Almost to the point where I want to put spider traps all around my home and put my clothing in plastic ziplock bags. I love cursing, but I despise the word "cunt." I am very open with my sexuality. I am constantly covered in cat hair.

Random facts:
× I was accepted as a SuicideGirl. I just never submitted a set. After being accepted, I was given a year long membership. My username was baconn.
× I'm an out-of-closet pr0nz addict. haha. I'm completely honest about it. I have around 6GB on my computer at all times and a large percentage of my blank dvds go to storing my porn.
× I'm not incredibly talkative in person. This is typically misconstrued as me being 'shy.' Whatevsss~
× Google is like my religion. I use Google for everything. I even use it on my crappy prepaid cellphone. Yeah, seriously.
× Making lists is one of my favorite pastimes.

× Journal:

× My layouts, icons, and graphics in general are never and have never been posted on this, my personal journal. If you're looking for graphics, see: [livejournal.com profile] twentynine_. DO NOT ADD THIS JOURNAL FOR MY GRAPHICS!

× I only know English, so please do not add me if your journal is in another language.

× Most posts are friends only or private.

× I love commenting on other people's posts and getting to know new people (even outside of LJ).

× I do not filter my posts and at times I talk about sexual, adult, or otherwise offensive content. Sometimes I censor my ~*sexual*~ ramblings by making the related text the same color as the background so that you must select the text to read it or I place it under a lj-cut.

× Most of my posts are "this-is-what-i-did-today." They're rather boring.

× If I have a large image, I either show a linked thumbnail or I use an lj-cut.

× I don't tend to ramble about fandoms, but I do occasionally read and enjoy other journals who fangirl themselves silly.

× I log the ip addresses on my journal using StatCounter.

Now that that's done and out, feel free to add me here or on any of the following social networks or other LiveJournals:
MySpace, Facebook, LastFM, Twitter | [livejournal.com profile] twentynine_ (graphics), [livejournal.com profile] obscenesims&[livejournal.com profile] obscenelegacy (the sims 2).

edit: As of May 16, 2008, all of the old public posts have been made Friends Only by using HideJournal. Those entries will be marked with the tag !public:locked.

× Blogcrews:

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