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alice [userpic]

edit: fucking pictures arent working. i'll fix this peice of shit later. goddamn.

Hibriten's Senior/Junior 2006 Prom was yesterday. I went with David. While on our way out to take pictures in my FFFFFFFFFFFugly yard, Andrew called and bitched to me about my entry below this one. Needless to say, I yelled/screamed/cursed/etc in front of my mom, dad, David, David's mom, and her boyfriend. If my Nanny had been there, more than likely I would have just told him to fuck off and hungup on him. He pissed me off beyond belief and I'm seriously surprised that I'm even talking to him right now. This arguing and assuming shit has GOT to fucking stop before I call it quits. Anyway, after that huge embarassment, we went outside and snapped a few pictures. My nanny came down a few minutes later with the puppy that this lady had offered her. Its (supposed) to be a miniature beagle. She's so cute. She was overfed yesterday and was flipping fat as hell and had a tummyache. She whines a lot and she loves following us around. My dad wanted a dog to breed his meanass dog, so bleh. We left my house and went to HHS for pictures and to wait for Prom to start. David remembered he forgot the tickets at his house and we had to go back to his house and get them. Then on the way back to HHS, I remembered that I forgot my ID, so when we go to HHS I called my mom and she brought it. We had pictures taken. They were pretty lame. They made us stand like we were dating or something, like with us holding hands. Seriously, people do no fucking listen. I think I blinked too. Wow, I probably ruined a $65 set of photos, eh. We sat outside the school and waited on Prom to start. This girl I was in chorus named Tiffany came up. David reminded her who I was and she remembered me. She said that when she saw me she thought that David had brought some twenty year old with him or something. We stood outside for freaking ever, I froze my tush off. We were like maybe the third couple inside. David didn't know he had to reserve a table, so he didn't and they sat us randomly at a table. We were sat at a table with Andy, Anna, Lindsay, Ryan (I can't remember his last name, but he's Lindsay's boyfriend), and Channing. We smuggled Ahmad over to our table too. They had random little things to eat and I ate the BIGGEST strawberry ever yesterday. It was like the size of an apple, I swearrr! There were a bunch of people who remembered me. Even Mr. Spicer remembered me. I saw Elliott there and go a picture with him. Saw Taylor too. And Eric. I mainly just hungout with Ahmad and David. And unlike most of the kids there, instead of going to an after party (even though we were invited to like 4359437 million and offered rides) and getting plastered, David and I went back to his house and watched Narnia and I stayed the night. Yep, thats pretty much it. I didn't take that many pictures. :\ I wanted to take pictures of the decorations, but they were practically just tinfoil.

edit2: I'm too lazy to actually link the pictures with little captions. All of the prom photos are located here. I'll upload the puppy ones next time.

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alice [userpic]

I'm so fucking depressed. I don't even feel like talking about it. I just don't feel good enough. I don't feel good enough for Andrew or for anyone. I sat in my room after I got off the phone with Andrew and cried for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. Awesome, right? I have so many doubts about my relationship with Andrew and about my future that its driving me nuts. I can't take much more of this. In fact, at 11:11 when I usually make one of my "wishes" (because I'm a fucking dork) I wished that I would really die tomorrow. Wow, I need some fucking Prozaccc! Ha, I've pretty much failed at life.

Prom is tomorrow. David is coming to get me at six and our mom's are going to take pictures of us out in my lovely redneck yard. And then we're going to go to Hibriten at 7:15 to have our pictures professionally taken. His mom and my mom are splitting a picture set thing. Then I guess we're going to chill until prom starts at 8:30. Prom ends at around midnight and we're going to go back to his house to watch movies and pig out on pizza. I think I'll probably stay over.

We're getting a female miniature beagle puppy tomorrow. Woooooo!

alice [userpic]

Andrew came by yesterday in his mom's car. :]] We went to Walmart and to Food Lion. Things between us were rough on Sunday. I'm not going to talk about that on here, though. I talked about it on my private livejournal.

I had my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed today for prom. We stopped by Fashionbug to look at their purses and necklaces. They had this bulky, white purse that I thought about getting, but mehh. It was too big. I got this necklace and some earrings, though.

I upset mom on the way home. I told her about what I told Andrew on the phone the other night that made him really upset. He was talking about how on Saturday he was going to have to sit and worry about boys hitting on me and such. And I added in that I would probably die too. She got really upset and yelled at me. She told me that she didn't want me to go now. ha.

I still haven't talked to David about prom. I'll call him after he gets off of school. I think mom is wanting to go see Grandma Edna. She was put in the Frye Hospital yesterday. She had a fever and they didn't know what was wrong with her. I might go with her. I don't know.

alice [userpic]

Andrew and I got into a car accident yesterday. I'm lazy, so I'm not going into details, but this guy started turning in the turning lane while we were like right on him. He was an old guy with an old lady in a truck. No one was hurt, but Andrew's driver door won't really open and his alignment is fucked. He's hoping that its totaled. He wants a new car. It reminded us both of a Dane Cook joke because these people would come out of their houses to look at the wreck. Seriously, the people in the apartments across the road came out and sat on their stoop and people in cars just randomly stopped to check on the old people. Oh well.

Prom is next weekend. I don't have all of the stuff I want yet. I still want a purse, some jewelry, and my eyebrows done. Not too much, I guess. I haven't talked to David. I still don't know how we're getting there. lmao. Awesome, eh?

I'm probably going to stay the day up at Nanny's.

Secretive plans with Carolina start tomorrow. ;]

Man, I need a license.. Who wants to take me to a parkinglot to practice??! :p

alice [userpic]

Today's my little brother's 13th birthday. He got Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, some VideoNow games/movies, Nintendo DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, a DS accessory kit thing, and some clothes.

I attempted to wax my right underarm. The hair isn't really long enough, so it just made a big mess and made my armpit sticky. The hair has to be 1/4" long. Goddamn.

I bought this cute little thing of eyeshadow that had yellow, green, and orange in it. I thought it would be good for prom in case the makeup I ordered off of eBay doesn't arrive in time. The shit is coming from HongKong, wtf.

Andrew is on his way up here. :DD CSI: is tonight and Travis Barker is on it! Pizza&cake at nanny's around five-ish for Billy's birthday. :]

alice [userpic]

God. My fucking earring keeps like sticking to my right ear and its bugging the hell out of me. I turn it like crazy, but godddd. It doesn't hurt, its just annoying.

WOOHOO~ Jessie's this weekend. Going to meet her friend Anie and have a nice girlie sleepover. Its going to be awesome, but I probably won't get a chance to talk to Andrew most of the weekend. I wanted to see him again tomorrow, but whatever. I'm leaving Saturday for her house and dad's taking me.

Jessie's little brother got suspended from school because they thought he had a gun or some shit. WHATS UP WITH THIS, JESS-O? Craziness.

I can't wait until prom. I've been finding a few people from school on MySpace. I guess MySpace is good for something. hah. David is wanting to get a limo with another couple or two. I don't know who we would get one with because his friend Danny is going to HHS' prom and his girlfriend's prom that night. Mehhh. That's the only person I could think of. Oh well. Its going to suck for our parents to be the one's driving us though since we don't have driver licenses. Haha, I just find that dorky.

Music Weezer - Perfect Situation
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