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alice [userpic]

I want a website again. I started making a layout at 2AM. I want a graphic portfolio. Mmmhm. I need to find a good free host.

alice [userpic]

Murder-Scene.net dies in a few days. I don't know when I'll get a new domain. Probably during the summer when I'm lacking things to do. Well, that's a lie. I'll have a job this summer and then I'll get getting ready for classes in the fall. And trying to move out of this shithole.

David is going to his girlfriend Ashley's house in New Jersey during spring break. I was going to hangout with him yesterday, but I didn't call. I hungout with Andrew for a while. I don't know how things are really going between me and Andrew. He's been yelling at me a lot lately and making me cry. I barely see him. I don't know, maybe I'm just used to seeing my boyfriends like every single day or something. But once or twice a week just plain fucking sucks when that's the only fucking person you talk to or see. Yeah, whatever. Why bother. I bitch, I moan but I do nothing about it, right? I just seriously hate it because half most the time I feel like I'm not worth seeing, like he goes and does things that are better than spending time with me. Like, I'll probably only see him one time this week because he's going to Greensboro and I don't even know why he has to go for that long. He won't and hasn't talked to me about it. (Yeah, wow. Thanks!) I guess I'm just a fucking bitch, maybe I don't need a boyfriend.

I need a purse for prom that will protect my camera from getting killed. Bleh.

Mom says that since dad got put on a different shift at work, he's been bringing home more money. So, she's wanting to go on a little vacation or something. Like the beach or outer banks. I don't know when. And Gail is wanting to go to TN soon to look into getting a check for being part Cheroke. I really hate this place, so anywhere and everywhere we go, I want to go.

Mood i dont know.
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alice [userpic]

Finally, a new livejournal layout! I jacked it from [livejournal.com profile] caroface/Carolina. ;] She sent me the code a long time ago, but I finally editted it.

I feel like a fatcow. I ate a Sonic cheeseburger, an order of onionrings, and two strawberry milkshakes. Gahhh. I'm such a pig.

I doubt I'll go to that party. I haven't talked to Elliott about it anyway. I might see about David coming over and having another anime night. Man, those anime that we watched last week (or whenever it was) were really weird. We watched Elfen Lied, which was pretty much limbs being torn off of someone every two seconds. It was bloody and I loved it. ha. And we watched Puni Puni Poemy (Poemi) and it was perverted and made me laugh really hard. We were going to watch Appleseed because I haven't seen it. I really want to see it, but it wasn't his; he borrowed it from someone.

Gosh, today is going to be so boring.

edit: caro, check this out )

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alice [userpic]

I've been making icons lately. :] I made some today and yesterday. Mostly GodsGirls icons. They're at my icon journal, [livejournal.com profile] twentynine_. Uh huhhh. Mmm Mandy Murders. ♥

I still have that weird feeling that something bad is going to happen. :|

Mom's Jim Gaffigan DVD that I ordered like two weeks ago finally showed up in the mail. I watched it today.


Yay for not very interesting updates.

edit: Andrew thought my new icon was me. haha. I love him. hahaa. I so do not look like Mandy Murders. She's totally hott stuff.

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alice [userpic]

I finally redyed my hair today. Yay me.

I have to be the most boring person ever.

Uhh. Andrew came over tonight. We watched his Sex Pistols' DVD that finally came in the mail on Saturday.

The weekend with Jessie was fun. I met Anie and Ashley. Anie sucks at driving, yep.

I seriously need domain name ideas! I'm thinking about "petewentzspenis.net." Pretty hott right? haha. I can't think of a single name. I fucking SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!.

Andrew started his job today. Well, yesterday. Whatever.

I'm bored. The internet blows. My hip hurts. I'm sleepy. And I miss Andrew again. Ohhh I'm a pathetic peice of teenage trashhhhhhh. Go meeeeeee.

I haven't heard this song in forever. I paid a dollar for this thing on iTunes, back in the day.

Music The Mars Volta - The Widow
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alice [userpic]


I told mom about how Andrew is all freaking out over Elliott and such.

She said, and I quote:
"Well, Andrew has nothing to worry about and you should tell him that I said that. This is mostly because you used to hate Elliott and the only reason you started liking him is because you found out that he wanted to kiss you. I mean, the boy used to make you cry."

I love how she remembers everything from middle school, but nothing from highschool.

But yeah. Andrew should stop being so jealous.

Uh huh.

He's all freaking out because Elliott has a Mustang and I love Mustangs.
I'm not dumping someone for another person who just has a nice car.
I've never dumped anyone for someone else in the first place.

I like Andrew a lot and he should know that. If I didn't, I wouldn't be around now would I?

Anyway, I'm looking at the Hickory menu for Applebees. Mom gave me this $25 giftcertificate that dad got from work a long time ago. She gave it to me because my dad is a total ass and never takes her out (even if it doesn't cost anything). He's an asshole, but anyway. She gave it to me to use for Andrew's birthday because she feels bad about the DVDs. His DVDs won't be here in time for his birthday (tomorrow). Gosh, I don't think she's ever been this nice to any of my boyfriends. ha. But then again, she hasn't came up with a reason to flat-out hate him yet. The guy I was with before I met him, she thought that he treated me horribly (which he did), found out that I had been having sex with him, and then later on found out that he cheated on me, so that was a good reason to hate him. Then the guy before that turned into an asshole and wouldn't give me some of my shit back. But yeah.

I made a new LJ but I'm going to make it pretty before I start posting in it. The username is from the weird nickname/thing that Andrew calls me.

alice [userpic]

Mom took my dad to the ER last night because he has an abscess tooth. They gave him antibiotics and painkillers. He might get it pulled tomorrow after work.

Andrew came over and picked me up today and we went to good ol' Hiiiickory. I finally got a belt. Bought in Hottopic and saw miss Candi. The smallest size they had was a 38". Wtf, man. That's huuuge. Andrew had to cut me another hole like waaaay away from the other holes. It's just a black studded belt. I spent my lucky $3, so I only got laid once today. >:[ Lmao. We went to Best Buy afterwards and he was looking for some CD. Then we went to Target, still couldn't find the CD he wanted. But I found Dane Cook's "Retaliation" CD/DVD for $14. I wish I could've got it. Gahh. We went back to Morganton after Target and went to Tapetown and he found the CD he was looking for. I don't know what it was. We don't really listen to the same things anymore. :[ Went to his house, his mom bought a big-screen tv almost like Nanny's. We fell asleep on his bed and slept for like forever. I woke up and his nephew (who is plotting to take me away from Andrew; he's only five.) was hiding under Andrew's bed, peeking out and watching Danny Phantom. lol. He's so cute. :3

Andrew is staying with Josh tonight. He's going to a show with him Saturday and one in like two weeks too.
Blah. I want to go to a show, but Josh doesn't like me. :|

Still working on the Murder-Scene layout.

Music Atreyu - The Crimson
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alice [userpic]

So, lyke. I was sick with the flu for about a week or so. Then I got better. Then I started coughing and such again. Mom thought I was relapsing and made me go to the doctor today. My appointment was at 11AM, I was a work-in. They made me sit outside the waiting room and come through the back door because of my flu-like germs. I got tested for Strep, but I don't have it. :DDD Instead I have a sinus infection. My snot is this awesome green color. Its pretty rad. Dr. Dravland asked me what I'm doing after highschool and I told him about how I want to study psychology. That I'm going to the community college in the fall and then transferring somewhere else. He said that App has a good Psy lab and told me that after I got through with school to contact him and he'd find me a good job. :DD He's really nice. He gave me something for my cough and something to help me get over my sinus infection.

I feel like butt, but not as big of a butt as I felt when I had the flu.

I started working on a layout for Murder-Scene last night. I'm going back to my old ways, I'm as into anime as I thought I was. MS expires in April. I want to get another domain when it expires. What name should I get? I suck with names. And screw .NU names. I'm not getting something that expensive just so that it'll turn into an image dump.

Mommy is making me a weiner. :D

Mood sickMood sick
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